Responsibilities: product design, interaction design, mobile UI design, UX research
Wandoujia is a Chinese start-up company that designs and builds a system management tool for millions of Chinese Android users. More details can be found at the company's website: (website in Chinese).
Design Process
1. Created use cases, personas, and scenarios, identified user needs, and translated those needs into design features
2. Sketched, wireframed, and prototyped different mobile design concepts
Take a look at my sketches and wireframe
3. Presented the design concepts with pros and cons in regular design review sessions with CEO, design engineers, interaction designers, and software engineers
Take a look at my six design options of the "welcoming" UI. After the design review, we selected one to refine.
4. Design iteration. Refined the design ideas based on the design review feedback, taking stakeholders' feedback, availability, and needs into consideration. For example, if a proposed design feature would take the development team a long time to implement and slowed down the product development, I would refine the design to fit the availability of the software engineering team but still address the user needs.
5. Usability testing
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