Responsibilities: interaction design, UI design
Project Description
In a large-size company that has more than thousands of employees, it is difficult for individual employees to get to know others rather than their own team members. For example, John works as a research scientist in the R & D department of a company that has more than 1000 employees, while Jane works as a graphic designer in the advertisement team. Even though both John and Jane are working on a behavior change related project and interested in product strategies, the chance for John and Jane to get to know each other, sync their work, and collaborate on a project with shared interests may be less than 0.1%.
To solve this problem, we designed and developed a mobile app for like-minded employees to meet and greet at their regular work breaks. The app pairs employees that have similar work-related interests and projects, suggests a work break and a place for them to meet.​​​​​​​
I was responsible for designing the interaction (e.g., the information architecture) and the user interfaces of the app. This is a hackathon project in IBM with Judith Odili Uchidiuno, Petar Tsankov, Emmanuel B. Leunamme, Baki Aydin, Zheng Chen, Joe Ellis, Lifeng Nai, and Fan Du.
Below is part of the user guide that I designed for Tea Time
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