I am Xiying (pronounced similarly as “seeing”)

Curious about how people use cellphones in their daily lives, I love designing mobile applications. I believe creativity lies in two places: exploring potential opportunities for cellphone use; and organizing massive, messy information on a limited interface.

People use cellphones in anytime anywhere. They listen to music while walking, they search for information while traveling, and they read news while taking public transportations. The key for mobile designs lies in finding, seizing, and creating opportunities to support the user experience.

But this is not enough. Mobile designs have to be attractive and persuasive – attracting users, motivating behavior changes, and keeping users engaged. This is about exploring different ways to organize and navigate the information (e.g., how to organize the functions and contents, which way is appropriate, innovative or creative); this is about transforming ideas, sketches to digital forms (what looks good on a piece of paper does not mean what makes sense on a computer screen); and this is about paying attention to details and making it aesthetically pleasing.